Our Team

Behind High Contact Theatre there's a team of international theatre makers that met in the corridors of The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.


Neta Gracewell


Neta is an Israeli director, performer, visual artist and writer, working on the line between London and Tel Aviv, physically and conceptually.

In her creative works she interrogates the relationship between the audience and the performance, and the unique opportunity for a delicate moment of connection to happen. She always seeks ways in which she can reach the audience in an authentic, genuine and intimate way.

Neta's interests are wide and eclectic, spanning from classic drama to autobiographical performance.

In 2019 she directed an ambitious adaptation of Tom Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, with only 4 actors playing on a stage set inspired by The Truman Show and the game of chess.

She has recently developed a practice of street art and installations, creating an unmediated dialogue with audiences about questions relevant to our current situation. She is planning to expand this practice into social-political performance happening in the public space.

In addition to her part in High Contact Theatre, she is working on the creation of Junction Theatre, that will focus on being a meeting point between cultures through theatre translation. 

Neta is a graduate of MA Advanced Theatre Practice from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

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Elysia Qiu


Elysia is a writer, maker and director from Shenzhen, China. Currently based in London, and moving between East and West. She is working on the bilingual theatre works between Chinese and English.

She has published a novel 'Lu Guo' in Chinese (Knowledge Publishing House). Her works have been staged at 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2018 Also Art Festival, 2017 Wuzhen Theatre Festival etc. The scripts she wrote has been selected as the shortlist play for 2019 United Kingdom National Student Drama Festival (NSDF) and 2019 Beijing NanLuoGuXiang Theatre Festival Literature Unit.


With her work 'Being and Nothingness', she has also been selected as the 'special talent' of 2019 NSDF. She received the comment from the wee review for 'Being and Nothingness' that 'the writing in this show is beautiful and poetic ... this is definitely a theatre group to look out for in the future."

She pays attention to the creation of new forms of interdisciplinary cooperation, the linkage of theatre space aesthetics and visual design. Her works are mostly based on the perspectives of "philosophy, psychology, and sociology", connecting or breaking conventional relationships.

Elysia is a graduate of MA Advanced Theatre Practice from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

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Cheng Keng

Scenography and Tech

Cheng Keng is a performance maker, designer and artist from Taiwan currently based in London.


He's interested in live performance, interactive installations and new media arts. After finishing his BA, Cheng had also directed and worked as a lighting and set designer in traditional theatre productions and took part in performance devising processes nationally and internationally since 2016.  

During that time, he has brought his show to Dublin and Sydney Fringe Festival and got the best stage effect award and the Critic picks. Regarding to the skills, he is familiar with AutoCAD, ETC Eos consoles and Qlab and self-learning interactive technology and Touchdesigner. 

Currently, Cheng is completing an MFA in Scenography at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, and looking for new collaborations. The content of his works are surrounded by physicality, technology and humanity which are represented by different mediums and spaces.


He is keen to make interdisciplinary
experiments and search for the hybrid between any kinds of representation. His most recent project is based on his quarantine experiences,  looking for the exposure of our interiority both mentally and physically. This work-in-progress exhibition can be found on his website; the project is due for realization in summer 2021.

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